17 May 2003


Christmas on a Cloudy Day

  • Choppy waves
  • Syd had been coming down with a cold this week. Early this morning, she started coughing. After the last coughing fit, I decided to get up for the day. Outside, the sky was grey, and the sea was turbulent; waves were doubling back on themselves due to the strong winds.


    We got dressed and ate breakfast at Stack 'Em High, a cafeteria-style breakfast place whose walls and rafters were covered in quotes and proverbs. By this time I was starving, and everything on the menu looked great. I managed to reduce the set of choices down to two dishes. Then I ordered one of them for Syd (pancakes with chocolate and peanut butter chips and a side of bacon) and the other for me (sausage gravy on biscuits with hash browns).


    After breakfast, we began our shopping. We first stopped at a Christmas store for some tree decorations. We have a tradition of acquiring an ornament that symbolizes that year; this time, we picked out a couple that had a beach theme. Syd loved racing around to all the different Christmas trees and handling the fragile ornaments - nothing broke, luckily. Next, we stopped at a beach knick-knack store for some souvenier t-shirts and gifts. I stayed in the car with Gavin, who was sleeping.


    Sydney's Parting Shots

  • Sydney poses with her toys
  • Finally, we returned home for the day. We slowly began to prepare for leaving tomorrow, packing what we could. We stayed in for dinner; Daria grilled some steaks on a Jenn-Air indoor grill - what a great invention! And we skipped the hot tub tonight because the spray from the crashing waves was reaching our porch.


  • Tobin with Gavin
  • The light at the top of the stairs
  • A painting
  • Another painting
  • A mermaid sighting!
  • One of the comfy chairs
  • The puzzle table
  • Syd's feet
  • Tobin and Gavin put away coats
  • Daria puts away Syd's toys
  • A vase of thorns
  • Before going to bed, Sydney wanted to take a few pictures. So, we gave her the digital camera and let her go wild. She chose things that she wanted to remember about the beach house; things that Daria and I might have overlooked were it not for her unique point of view.


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