Our 2003 Beach House Journal

This journal was written while staying at the NC beach house. We tried to capture the events of the day in ways that photographs could not: describing the warmth of the sun, the sounds of the waves, the feel of the sand and the foods we tasted. There are eight entries in total.

Alternatively, you can browse the journal entries in any order. Using the calendar below, choose a journal entry to read by clicking on the date. Each calendar entry lists the highlights of that day's travel.

May 2003
Su M Tu W Th F Sa
  • Checking In
  • Exploring The Beach House
  • First Night
  • 12
  • First Day on the Beach
  • A Nice Dinner Outing
  • 13
  • A Windy Day
  • Climbing Jockey's Ridge
  • 14
  • A Beautiful Sunrise
  • Eating Sharks and Buried Treasure
  • 15
  • Dolphins at Sunrise
  • A Visit to the Aquarium
  • Dancin' at Big Al's
  • 16
  • The Last Good Beach Day
  • Expedition to the Lighthouses
  • Dinner at Quagmires
  • 17
  • Christmas on a Cloudy Day
  • Sydney's Parting Shots
  • 18
  • The Trip Home

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