14 May 2003


A Beautiful Sunrise

  • Sunrise over the Atlantic
  • The sun has risen
  • As we agreed, I woke Daria up just before the sunrise. We arranged two chairs in the great room to face the glowing sea. Soon, the red sun poked up over the horizon. We were amazed at how fast the sun rises. As it went higher, the sun's intensity eventually grew to the point where we could no longer look at it. Before that happened, though, we managed to get some pictures. Daria went back to sleep, and I did some reading.


  • Sydney and the porch swing
  • Beach babies
  • Gavin's beach gear - on the beach
  • Sydney reclines
  • Another shot of the Bergen-Hill clan
  • Daria, Syd and Gavin relax
  • Once Syd and Gavin awoke, we had some eggs and ham for breakfast. Then Syd and I ventured out to the beach while Gavin slept and Daria did some laundry. The winds were calmer today, which made the beach much more enjoyable. Syd and I chased crabs as they popped out of their holes; the larger ones were the slower ones, and we got a good look at a couple of them. After the beach umbrella was set up, Daria and Gavin joined us. At one point, all four of us were lying on our beach towels. We were planning on going to a light house this morning, but we decided instead to prolong our stay on the beach. There were more people outside today than we've seen so far this week.


    Eating Sharks and Buried Treasure

    After soup and sandwiches for lunch, Syd and Gavin took a nap. Faced with some free time, Daria and I read together on the couch. Gavin was the first to wake up. I managed to get Syd awake and ready to go out for dinner. We ate at Mako Mike's, a shark themed restaurant. Syd enjoyed the live shark tank; each of the three sharks were no bigger than a lizard. I had some blackened mako for dinner - Syd managed to take a bite so that she can brag to her classmates that she ate a shark. Gavin was a bit restless, which gave us an excuse to revisit the shark tank.


    Next door was a miniature golf course with a buried treasure theme. Once we paid for the clubs, we boarded a mine cart train, which took us on a tour of the course and dropped us off at the first hole. We didn't bother keeping score, just to introduce Syd to the game. She was a very eager player. And if the ball missed the hole, she would simply pick it up and place it right next to the cup. We made it to the 15th hole before she had enough.


    Back at the beach house, Daria and Syd went into the hot tub while I bathed Gavin. I could feel the effects of being awake since before dawn. So, when Syd went to bed, so did I.

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