11 May 2003


Checking In

It was a hot, humid and overcast day when we pulled out of our driveway that morning. We made good time while Gavin slept. However, when we crossed the NC state line, he started howling shortly thereafter - all the way to the check-in office in Kitty Hawk. Once we got the keys, he continued to howl while we followed the directions to the Nags Head beach house, despite Syd's best efforts to cheer him up with songs and funny sounds. We drove by it a couple times before we found the right address. It was right up against the beach, hidden by the neighboring beach houses that were closer to the road.


Exploring The Beach House

We walked up the stairs to the first level, up to the main door. Once we entered, we checked out the rooms on the first level. They were in various states of d├ęcor, which didn't impress us. Then we ascended the stairs to the second level, and it took our breath away. It was a great room - combined kitchen, dining room and family room - filled with original artowkr. The walls were recently done with pine paneling, which gave the room a lighter feel. Not to mention the several windows facing the ocean, which was the major selling point of the place. The queen bedroom was also impressive and recently decorated. We went out to the deck to get a full view of the ocean. None of our neighbors were as close to the shore, giving us a virtual panorama.

We descended the stairs to the first level, still out on the deck. We walked up to the stairway that went down the dune to the beach and admired the view. Then, we returned to the house and began the laborious task of unloading the car. We rapidly formed a shopping list; I volunteered to go to the store. It was closeby, and I returned within the hour with a hot meal and enough food for our breakfasts and lunches. Syd, Daria and Gavin had already wandered down to the water; Syd was drenched but grinning ear to ear.


First Night

After a change of clothes, we ate our chicken dinner at the dining table, all of us facing the outside. Everyone was pretty tired, but we managed to do our nightly bath routine. I bathed Syd in the Jacuzzi bathtub; she loved all the room, but when I turned on the jets, she freaked out. Eventually, we got everyone to bed.


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