Pictures from the Rehearsal & Ceremony

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Note: Most of these pictures are not in our album. If you'd like to see our album, come visit us!

Give me any excuse to show off my legs, and I will!

- Gail, Tobin, Clara, and Virgil

Rehearsal dinner at the Rusty Scupper.

- Tobin and Daria

Enough pictures - where's the food?

- The rehearsal dinner guests

Are you sure you wanna go through with this?

- Tobin and Daria

Can we come in from the rain yet?

- Standing: Fred, Juliet, Joe, Susannah, Mike, Ronnie, Marty, Laura, Tobin, Daria; seated: Lady Rose of Bedminster

Things to do while waiting for the minister...

- Top row: Virgil, Chuck, Marty, Susannah, Tobin, Daria, Ed, Ronnie, Rose, Fred; seated: Clara, Gail, Georgette, Laura

Don't worry fellas - I'm wearing tights underneath.

- Tobin, George, and Marty

Watching our guests arrive.

The people on the bus go up and down, up and down, ...

- Tobin and Daria

Here comes the bride (and groom), all dressed in blue.

- Tobin and Daria

Have dulcimer, will travel.

- Karen

Friends, Romans, men in tights - lend me your ears!

- Susannah, Laura, Daria, Linda, Tobin, and Marty (Lord Purple)

Pose with the Renaissance couple - only $5!

- Tobin, Daria, and Lynda


- Poh, Claire, Tobin, Daria, and Becky

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Last updated: 10 August 1999