Pictures from the Reception

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I can't help falling in love with you.

- Georgette and Ed

No - I wanna lead!

- Chuck and Gail

Take your partner by the hand...

- Charlie, Sharon, and Loretta

Don't kiss me with that thing on your face!

- Daria and Tobin

No, silly! Only one beer at a time!

- Susannah and Marty

When are they bringing out the roasted pig?

- Lots of Daria's relatives and friends

I bet it's sunnier in Florida!

- Helen and Jack

The beers great at this place, but the outfits look a bit dated.

- Back row: Gary, Tom, Tom, Janet; seated: Brad, Stacy, Stella, Cathy, William

What Abbot Mendel should have been doing instead of fooling around with those plants.

- Karen, Maryann, Joe, Susannah, Ellen, and Rebecca

Auditions for the Rockettes were held today at the Cloisters...

- Rebecca, Amy, Rich, Ellen, and Joe

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting - Huh!

Their fists were fast as lightning - Huh!

- Joe

Exit, stage left.

- Chuck and Rich

Whap! Hey, watch where you're swinging that camera!

- Chris and Joe

Enjoying a quiet moment with Mom.

- Dot and Elizabeth

Cut the #!@% cake already!

- Julie, Bridget, Tania, Tor, Gail, Sherry, Jack, and Helen

Honey, please be careful with that knife!

- Daria and Tobin

The more we drink, the funnier Marty's jokes get.

- Ed, Daria, Tobin, and Susannah

Representatives from seven nations gathered today to discuss cruel treatment of graduate students.

- Joe, Hesham, Joanne, Daria, Marie

Kalamazoo College mini-reunion!

- Bridget, Chris, Daria, Joe, Tobin, Beth, Brian, Sue, Tor, Greg, Rich, Lynda, Dinesh, Julie, Emily, Kaern, Kate, and Steve

I've seen enough hairy legs in tights to last me a lifetime.

- Loretta

In the nosebleed section at Saturday's Orioles game.

- Chris, Rich, Juliet, and Daria

The man responsible for our many wonderful photos.

- Perry

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Last updated: 10 August 1999