Renaissance Costumes

Suggested Apparel For Our Wedding

Below you will find descriptions (and links to images) of various costumes that we had found in DC area cosutme shops. They serve as examples of suggested outfits that fall within the Renaissance theme.

It may help to rent movies set in that time period to get a feeling for the appropriate apparel. Click here for a list of Renaissance period films.

Note: the names given to these outfits came from our imaginations and are not necessarily the costume name. So, if you do go looking for a particular outfit, bring the photo and forget the name!

Women's Outfits

Men's Outfits

DC Area Costume Shops

Costumes Creative

9168 Brookville Rd.
Silver Spring, MD
(301) 587-MASK

Masters Costumes

7028 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA
(703) 354-7500

International Renaissance Festivals, Ltd.

Crownsville, MD
(410) 266-7304
(800) 296-7304
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Last updated on 10 August 1999