4 June 1999


Return to Sydney

  • Resting on the porch of the hotel
  • We had purchased breakfast supplies the night before and ate it this morning.  After packing up, we waited at the lobby for the airport shuttle.  The Germans we met on the tour had also stayed at the hotel.  We talked about jobs; he was a computer programmer temporarily working in Sydney.  He flew his parents and his girlfriend to Australia to join him for a holiday.  Germans get 6-8 weeks of holiday annually.  He was shocked to hear of the US's paultry 2-3 week vacation time.

    The airport shuttle arrived.  It was a bus similar to the one we rode in for the camping trip; we climbed aboard with a feeling of deja vu.  Once at the airport, we saw the New Caledonia women, the Kiwi (New Zealander) and the Sydney woman - all of us flying to Sydney.  On the plane, the Sydney woman gave us recommendations of places to eat.

    Once at Sydney, we took a taxi to the Boulevard Hotel.  We changed our room to the north side in order to see the harbor.  Although the room was only on the fourth floor, we still could see part of the bridge.  We changed into evening clothes and headed to Kings Cross.

    We ate at the Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar.  The waiter told us of the bar's history; it was started by Texans about 30 years ago.  The restaurant's walls were covered with American memorabilia: old paintings, Saturday Evening Post covers, books, etc.  They offered a wide variety of food.  I had a shish kabob and Daria had fahitas.  The appetiser was the best calamari I've had to date.  Drinks were too pricey - something we found out too late.  We walked back to the hotel, ignoring the invitations from the owners of the various strip joints along the way.

    Random thoughts:

    • I still can't get a martini the way I like it.  It seems that the country doesn't have any pearl onions.  At least the martini served at the B & B Bar was better than the lousy one I got on the Harbor Tour ferry.

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